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At hearthLA, we may be a diverse group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, but one thing we all have in common is a dedication to our Los Angeles community and a desire to support it at every level.

We believe that the grassroots work our community members do to help the social and environmental ecosystems that help us flourish is vital. We don’t just sell houses; we invest in the people and places where those houses, and the families that live in them, grow and prosper.

We believe housing should be available to everyone. We believe the system in which people live should be healthy and abundant. We believe the outside is equally important as the inside, and thus strive to create a balance of both available housing and land stewardship. And we believe that people should have powerful voices in their communities, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

For this reason, hearthLA has made a commitment to give a portion of each and every transaction to one of the organizations below. $250 from every sale and $100 from every lease will be donated on your behalf.

World Refugee Day Awards
We are proud to be honored at the World Refugee Day Awards & Dinner in June, 2023

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Partner Organizations

Miry's List is a community of volunteers that uses crowdsourcing and social media to connect people like you, who want to help, with new refugee families with urgent needs to help them start their new lives as our neighbors in Southern California. The process begins by welcoming each family to their home - typically a barely furnished (or completely unfurnished) apartment - and then volunteers and families work together with a translator to create a list of items they need most urgently. The lists are published as Target Wishlists and shared so generous donors can purchase specific items for specific families, who will receive them directly. Each family has unique needs - many with small children, elderly grandparents or members with disabilities. Miry’s List also has a number of other programs, including at-home English lessons, fundraising events for families, and finding host families for newly arrived refugees.

Habitat Works' mission is to bring people together to enjoy the adventure of caring for wildlife and their habitat in Southern California. Join like-minded, intrepid volunteers on stewardship adventures in Southern California's forests, wildlife refuges, state parks and private preserves, and experience authentic, hands-on opportunities to make a conservation difference for endangered and threatened species, our native habitats and remaining wildland ecosystems.

The Civics Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to building the foundations of youth civic engagement and voter participation in high schools through education, organizing, and advocacy. They support student-led, peer-to-peer voter registration and pre-registration efforts in high school communities.

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