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After several years as a teacher, I became a mom in 2002 and recognized the need for a career change. As a single mom with a child to care for, real estate seemed like a practical move, and as it turns out, it combined my love of art, business and community service. My lawyer brain loved the challenge of strategy and the adrenaline of the deal; the teacher in me thrived on holding my clients’ hands through each step of the transaction. Similarly to how I engaged with my students, I strive to give my clients an abundance of one-on-one time and answer each and every question they have during the length of our working relationship and beyond. I understand the importance each transaction holds for my clients and am committed to every deal with sincerity and focus. Finally, the artist in me appreciated the opportunity to spend my days visiting the varied and interesting homes that make up the landscape I had spent my entire lifetime wandering.

A native Angeleno, I have lived in nearly every borough Los Angeles has to offer. From Manhattan Beach, to Westwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Mid City, Echo Park and Highland Park, this city has been my home for over 40 years, three children, and all of homes I have helped clients buy and sell since 2004.

Los Angeles is my home. Let me help you find yours.

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Realtor®/ Design Consultant

jessica webb-simpson

I joined the HearthLA team in 2018 after a 20 year career in Wardrobe Styling. When I realized it was time to move on I found the transition to real estate to be a natural choice. My years in production helped hone my eye for design, communication skills and the ability to multi task, which are all so necessary in this profession.

I started off with the team as a design consultant, helping clients prepare their homes to list and knew this was the right career choice for me. I am grateful to have found a profession where I can combine my passion for design, architecture and an enduring love of community.

Whether you are buying or selling it can be an emotional journey. I strive to make the process flow with ease and facilitate clear and supportive communication with all of my clients.

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Realtor®/Design Consultant/Salesperson

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Growing up on the Westside of Los Angeles, and attending college at Otis School of Art and Design for fashion design in DTLA, Los Angeles has always been home to me. With a background of over twenty years in fashion (including running my own clothing brand), I have cultivated an ability to establish strong client relationships, an attention to detail that real estate demands and a formidable ability to multi-task.

Transitioning from running a business to working in real estate has been seamless and natural for me. My fashion background dovetails perfectly into architecture and interior design, and the interpersonal work of running a business prepared me nicely for the challenges and rewards of working with clients and agents alike.

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Realtor®, Salesperson

Anne Rieman

After becoming a single mom, I knew it was time for a career change after many years as an actor, writer, and personal assistant, but joining the team at HearthLA seems more like a return to my roots than a true change. Growing up, my family rented and sold houses for a living, so I’ve a top-to-bottom understanding of home sales from an early age. I loved walking into the clean, freshly painted houses, ready for their new tenants or owners. As a personal assistant, one of my favorite things to do was help my celebrity clients find the right gifts for their friends and family. I bring that same enthusiasm to helping my real estate clients find what they are looking for, either as a buyer or a seller, and guiding them through the sale process. I look forward to working with you.

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Realtor®, Salesperson

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I was born in Michigan but celebrated my first birthday as a SoCal resident. I grew up in Thousand Oaks as 1 of 4 kids in a family full of artists and musicians. As a family we were always sightseeing and admiring the beauty of Los Angeles. I’ve always had a tourist mindset which has led me to discover so many unique corners within LA as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

I’ve worked in film and brand marketing for the last several years. After dipping into real estate marketing I became fascinated by the industry and how every house has a unique story to tell. As someone who loves meeting new people and thrives on building lasting connections, this felt like the best career shift for me. With my background in marketing and project management, I strive to make the process of buying/selling as stress free as possible for my clients.

When I’m not working you'll most likely see me out and about with my Goldendoodle Chip, shopping for craft supplies, or creating music with my partner.

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