Submitting an Offer

Your checklist for submitting your offer

Before submitting your initial offer on a home you'll need to collect and provide the following information. If you have questions about any of the items listed we're here to help!

  • Your legal full name (s)
  • Your purchase price offer
  • What percentage down, what amount you will be financing
  • Your preferred length of escrow
  • How much time you would like for your inspection contingency period
  • How much time you will need for your loan contingency period (ask your lender)
  • How much time you will need for your appraisal contingency period (ask your lender)
  • Are there any non-attached items that you are requesting?
  • We will request the following, unless you want to omit any of them:
    • The city minimum retrofitting standards
    • A one-year home warranty policy