Showing Your Home

How to Prepare Your Home for Showings

You can never make a second first impression!  Investing a small amount of time and money now, will impress your prospective buyers and increase your chances of obtaining top dollar for your property.  Here are a few recommendations: 

Before your house goes on the market
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working
  • Check that doors don’t squeak or have loose door knobs
  • Make sure all windows are clean and will open easily
  • Touch up any chipped paint, scuffs, and marks on the inside and exterior walls 
  • Make sure there are no leaks from taps or toilets – check under the sinks
  • Fill in and paint over any cracks in the plaster
  • Cut lawns, trim shrubs, weed gardens
  • Gutters should be in good working order and free from leaves and debris
  • Eaves should be in good shape
Before showings
  • Clear walkways and driveway of any litter/leaves
  • Wipe down appliances – fridge, stove, oven
  • Freshen up bathrooms and make sure they are clean
  • Store surplus furniture to create spacious rooms
  • Turn on all lights and open drapes to let the light in
  • Make sure your closets are spruced up and orderly
  • Depending on the weather, open windows or light the fireplace for coziness
  • Clean cat litter and keep pets outside
  • Be absent during the showings
For open houses
  • Lock up your valuables and prescription medication
  • Make sure there is toilet paper in all the bathrooms
  • Have a game plan for your pets
  • If there are parking restrictions on your street, make sure to have guest permits